Campus-Build has the practical experience of a general contractor (EPC) in the construction of a solar power station.

The algorithm of the project implementation is as follows

1. We are searching for the optimal land section.

2. The commercial department together with the technical one develops an individual business plan for the solar power station.

3. Registration of a legal entity.

4. The process of assessment (estimate evaluation) of the land section.

5. Registration of ownership of the land section.

6. Obtaining technical specifications

7. The project team develops the project of the station

8. Selection and purchase of equipment.

9. Filing a declaration to the inspection of state architectural and construction control

10. Start of construction and installation works

11. We obtain a license and a declaration of readiness of the facility to connect to the power grid

12. Passing the test in an automated system of monitoring and accounting of energy resources

13. The “Green Tariff” approval

14. Getting membership in the wholesale electricity market.

15. Underwriting a sale of electricity Contract with the state-owned enterprise “Enerhorynok”

Regardless of the station capacity, the project time takes 6-8 months.